Lockdown running

This piece has been created thanks to an array of varied contributions from friends all over the world. Responses were received from experienced runners and those who had used part of this year to try out a new hobby. The structure is deliberately random, aiming to replicate the lack of structure many of us have experienced during 2020. I hope there are bits and pieces you can relate to, whatever activity provided a solace during the pandemic. I hope you enjoy…

Running during lockdown:

A love affair with my local acre;

an old flame reignited,

during extended lunch hour flings.

Running makes me feel invincible and happy in my body,

it’s the best way to move through any space.

The only freedom

An escape

One which grounds.

An unchanging constant during strange times,

giving comfort to us,

as we are forced to re-evaluate



as the weeks ticked by, comfort and normalcy emerged.

Un-replicated by anything else,

mirrored only by memory

when everything else in the world still feels so weird

But this movement became a way to expand a suddenly shrinking world

A grounding release

A cathartic re-centring

An act of regeneration that has heightened awareness of nature and flowers

And things.

Just wandering round more wild areas

When lockdown was at its strictest,

a reason was found,

to get out and be on my own.

Although my motivation was a little broken

The shrunken confinement briefly and joyously



Neither bad nor good

An act now full of clarity yet devoid of companionship

We run because we can,

for to run with others, is to is to truly feel

To fully be




Offering rhythm amidst a blurry stretch of life

A consistent escape

That gives time for healing and rest


But, lonely.

A poem by Ben Murphy ( and many, many contributors)

All but one line is from a someone other than myself. I received contributions from over 30 people, ranging from single words, to sentences and entire paragraphs. This poem represents a collection of experiences and thoughts on the activity of running in 2020, during a global pandemic and societal ‘lockdowns’

Thank you for reading. I wish you all the best for 2021.

Happy running!

One thought on “Lockdown running”

  1. Sounds like a heart felt summary of the runners lockdown. Made so much more real, as it is what others have felt through their contributions.

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