Further links

Embra Collective. A feminist collective writing about all things sustainability related. Includes long and short reads, interviews and creative content.

Jonny Muir. Writer and author. Writes about running in Scotland’s high places. Author of ‘the Mountains are Calling’. heightsofmadness.com

Emily’s Wild Adventures. Outdoor adventures across Scotland with the Jura fell race organiser.

Scottish Hill Racing. Information regarding all things hill racing in Scotland.

Scottish Hill Runners. An independent organisation helping to support and promote hill running in Scotland.

Am Bodach ‘blogposts from an old man hill runner here in Scotland. I’ve been running since I gave up smoking aged 27. I think the Carnethy 5 in 79 or 80 might have been my first hill race’. https://ambodach.com

Wild Ginger running. All things trail running, including gear and training as well as interviews and videos.



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